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Caregiving With a Disability

Hello and welcome! I hope your week has gone a little more smoothly than mine! If you have escaped this years’s flu bug so far, consider yourself lucky. It’s a bad one.  I was just coming off of helping my husband Jamie through a minor shoulder surgery in the days before Thanksgiving. On top of that he caught the flu, and so it was a double whammy for him. Probably the top anxiety producer for me at this point in my life, is when there is a need to physically care for someone in my life. It causes an all out anxiety attack, and I’m not sure how to fix that. As someone with a disability, I unfortunately can’t wave a magic wand to suddenly make myself more physically capable, and make my body do things that it normally can’t, even when I so desperately want to. When a person in my life is sick or hurt, my motherly instinct is to want to take care of them. Problem is, I’m often just not physically capable of doing so. The guilt, and to be honest shame I feel surrounding this topic can be
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Dancing Shoes

Hello and welcome! I hope that this week has brought you joy in one way or another. I find that I’m learning to appreciate the simple joys in life much more than I used to. If you look for them, they are there, even if buried deep in the darkest day you can always find something.  Getting dressed up is something that I’ve always enjoyed. If you’ve been around, you probably have read that I love fashion, and I love to break away from the norm somewhat with my style. Last weekend we were invited to a charity dinner where I was told we could get pretty fancy if we wanted to. In the past few years there have not been many occasions to dress up for, so it was an exciting challenge to come up with a fancy outfit. For weeks my cousin, sister and I compared notes and planned. All part of the fun! There is a little anxiety for me when it comes to dressing up and finding a shoe that can accommodate a fancy outfit that I like. I definitely can’t do a high heel due to balance issues and lack of le

Just a Small Town Girl

Hello and welcome! A friend of mine messaged me a couple of months ago and asked me if I would speak at the Wall of Change ceremony at his work. He works in the probation office in the town where I live. The individuals receiving the Wall of Change awards have made significant improvement and progress to live on a better and more impactful path than they were on. He said he thought it would be great to talk about how I’ve overcome obstacles in my life, and how I’ve kept going, even when it’s been tough to do so. I told him that I would be glad to come and speak.  I had been so busy leading up to this speech, and in the back of my mind I thought I’d just use one of my other speeches I’ve written. I figured I had something in my library of speeches that could work. However, when I started to prepare for it, and looked through my speeches, I felt like none of them were the right fit. I also thought to myself, I’m not sure I’m the right fit for this speech. I kept trying to figure out why

100!! 🥂

Welcome to the 100th blog post for Humbly Courageous! Wow! A lot of heart went into these blog posts. There is very little I have left out and not shared. I mean a girl has to have a few secrets, right?! But seriously, when I started writing, being anything less than completely vulnerable didn’t feel honest, and I knew if I really wanted to reach people, I had to tell the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s what I set out to do, and now this week finds me writing my 100th blog post. To say I have been blessed by being vulnerable is an understatement. Sometimes, I look at these comments and feel like I’m dreaming. It’s what I always wanted. To feel that sense of connection, and like I am helping somebody in this world who feels alone like I once did.  The 44 years of waiting, was it a waste of time or a lesson in living well? My faith tells me it was, of course, part of my life’s plan. Still, I sometimes wrestle with the thought of all the wasted time when I was angry, and I didn’t appre

On The Road

Hello, welcome to another week at Humbly Courageous! Guess what? This is my 99th blog post! I wonder if there are any readers who have read all 99? If you have, thank you! I’m excited to share my 100th blog post next week, which also happens to be within the same week that I will celebrate the 4th birthday of my diagnosis day! It’s a day that I love to celebrate now each year. The day, I was finally, formally introduced to my whole self when I was 44. Hey, there’s me! Last week I was invited to speak at the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Chicago Toast to Life Gala. I was honored to be asked, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a gala before. For sure I have never kicked one off with a speech. It’s definitely fun to get dressed up and go and see all of the fancy people. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get fancy. 😊  Each time I speak, even though I’m sharing my story, I like to write a new speech. Over time, as I share my story, I think of other things I want to add, or maybe

The Best Roommate

Hello and welcome. Glad you stopped by! Growing up I had many hospital stays. After my extensive foot and ankle surgeries I would usually have to stay for about a week. At the time they didn’t send you home as quickly as they do now. I stayed so I could do rehab/physical therapy while I was there, and learn to walk with my crutches, or whatever it was that I needed to do. They taught me how to go up and down stairs with them and things like that. Because of my weak arm muscles using crutches was hard for me, and balancing on one foot was hard too because of my muscle weakness. However, they pushed me to keep walking, and I’m glad they did. Over time, I learned to master the crutches, and actually got to be pretty fast on them, getting better with each surgery. PT session as an adult Also, back in the 70’s-80’s private hospital rooms weren’t very common. I could always count on having a roommate. Sometimes they were good, sometimes not so good. Once I was paired with a woman that scream

Cultivating Humble Courage

Hello and welcome back, or if you just found Humbly Courageous, welcome! I believe we all have humble courage that we have to tap into. Some may be new to it, or others may have been forced to practice using it their whole lives. So, what do I even mean by humbly courageous, and how did I even start growing my humble courage to begin with? Like I have said before, humble courage, for me, was inevitable because I was born having to face an everyday battle. I learned very early on that I needed this quiet, unassuming courage to survive and thrive. Check out the link below to read more about the meaning behind Humbly Courageous. When you live in a world where everywhere you go, you stand out because of a physical disability, you have to find something to tap into, a place to go mentally where you can feel safe when everything around you feels scary and unwelcoming. If you don’t know me personally,